3 Bright Ideas to Put the Spark in Your Jewelry


DiamondsTraditional jewelry shops relied on actual visitors and direct transactions to sell their goods, but times have changed and now almost every business needs an online presence. Presenting your products to clients involves having great visuals and capturing the perfect shot.

Of course, the easiest solution is to talk to professionals for jewelry photography and editing services, but if you have the time and determination, you could give it a shot.

Less is More

When it comes to jewelry, you don’t want any additional element to provide distractions. Stick with a plain background to keep the focus on the jewelry and all its intricate details. A single source of light is effective in highlighting shine and reflective surfaces, especially for metallic jewelry, and little shadows add a certain depth and drama to your photos.

Articulate the Details

Take close shots of your jewelry. Frame them in a way that accentuates intricate details and precision work. Arrange them in a way that can make the viewer imagine how they will look once worn. Use a tripod to keep your camera still and use direct light instead of using a flash. This prevents untoward changes produced by the sudden change in light and it gives you an exact perspective on how your photo will turn out.

Make Your Gems Shine

An easy way to accentuate the brilliance of your gemstones is with a lightbox. A lightbox eliminates all shadow and it fills your gems with the maximum amount of light — making them shine to the utmost of their capability. You might want to invest in a sparkler light to maximize brilliance — especially in diamonds.

Capturing your jewelry at their finest is essential if you want to showcase your collections online. Precision photography and a bit of editing magic can make your jewelry come alive even through the screen of a phone or a laptop.