4 Shocking Eating Disorder Myths Shattered

a woman eating a whole pizza by herself

The number of myths that surrounds eating disorders is unbelievable, yet these misconceptions easily pass as widely accepted facts. Some of these myths are the reasons, so many people try to conceal their illness, choosing to suffer in silence instead.

Here are four of the common and most shocking myths you’ll hear about eating disorder.

One chooses an eating disorder

This myth is perhaps the saddest and the most commonly peddled around. The fact is, no one wants an eating disorder. It’s a complex psychiatric illness that can happen to anyone. Many factors could trigger the disease, from genetic to environmental.

As such, it is important to seek an eating disorder treatment center in your area should you discover you suffer from this condition.

Eating disorders are only about food

Many people believe that one suffering from an eating disorder should simply eat or just stop eating. While an eating disorder does involve food, the issue is far bigger than just refusing to eat or bingeing. One cannot just will away the illness.

Rather, specialized treatment is required to help one overcome the issue.

Eating disorders are easy to spot

Some people think that it is easy to identify someone who has an eating disorder based on size and weight. In reality, some people who have the illness can appear quite normal. Bulimics, for instance, tend to be at an average or above average weight.

Eating disorders only affect women

While this myth is widely held by people around the world, research shows that eating disorders affect people of all genders. Certainly, the vast majority of people with eating disorders are women, but in the recent past, more and more men have been affected too.

Eating disorders are some of the most misunderstood illnesses today. Separating the facts from fiction can help people understand and deal with these serious diseases better.