4 Things to Remember When Handling Returns

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Receiving a return notice is a constant bane among online sellers. Still, you need to handle this professionally since your online reputation is also at stake. In addition, you need to minimize the financial loss that may come with such occurrences.

ReverseLogix shares some important things to keep in mind when customers send back items:

1. Note and record every notification

If the orders are fulfilled by a third party, consider making that company your returns management services provider. Whenever you receive an email regarding your items sent back by customers, record it immediately. You can create a folder in your email account and put all the notifications in there.

You should also verify that every item is sent back. If not, you have the right to refuse to give the refund. If the money was already sent back, you need to ask for reimbursement.

2. Contact the customer immediately

Customers who send back items may also give feedback on your online store. You can also assume that the customer may be dissatisfied and ready to proclaim it publicly. To diffuse the situation, consider sending an email to the customer. You can apologize for the item not meeting their expectations

Assure them that their refund is underway and ask if there’s anything you can do. This can prevent the customer from giving a negative feedback or at least convince them to remove it.

3. Inspect the returned item

Once you receive the returned item, inspect and verify its condition. If there is a defect, make sure any damage was not caused by the customer. If the item is defective, you need to exclude it from your inventory. It’s important that you inspect the returned item yourself or have your own staff do it.

4. Find out why the item was returned

Sellers can learn the reason through customer feedback or inspection You need to know the cause to avoid similar situations in the future. You may also have to remove similar products from your inventory if the defect is present in most of them.

A customer sending back your product is not a pleasant experience, but you still need to deal with it. The way you handle the situation can make or break your business’s reputation.