6 Ways to Have a Better Bond with Your Daughter

Teenage years are some of the most important years of a person’s life. At this phase of development and growth, a person is highly impressionable – as such, if you have a teenage child, it is vital that you make a connection with them at this point.

Let’s look, specifically, at some things to take to heart and act on to form a more solid mother-daughter bond throughout the teen years:

She is Not a Problem to be Fixed

Children are not a problem to be fixed. Often, parents automatically lecture their children whenever they have a problem. That is a sure way to wall yourself off from your child. Try taking the role of a counselor, instead. Listen and empathize with your daughter. Make suggestions instead of outright telling her what to do. Give your child the space to find their answers and learn from their mistake to a degree that does not jeopardize their well-being, of course

Make a Tradition

This could be done monthly or yearly. Consider having a relaxing pampering day at a salon in Los Angeles, for instance. Grandspala.com points out that a day at the spa date has numerous benefits, not the least of which is heightening providing the perfect context for some mom-daughter time. Alternately, you and your daughter can go out volunteering for a cause as well. Include your daughter in the planning stages, too, as this will make increase her sense of involvement in something worthwhile.

Take on a DIY Project

DIYs are the rage nowadays. It could be making decorations at home or a creative solution for a problem you have. Present the idea to your daughter, especially if she will benefit from the project. Have a good laid-back talk with your daughter when you’re doing the project.

Share Stories

Tell your daughter some stories about your grandparents or your time when you were younger. Children always get the notion that parents are…well, parents and not human beings. Your background will humanize you in their eyes, and they’ll trust you more for it. Children are tired of the lectures and want to have a regular talk with you. You’ll be surprised to know that your children actually want to know more about you.

Be Appreciative

Like any relationship, words of appreciation are important to your daughter. If she has an achievement or does something as routine as chores, thank her for it. You can also surprise her with a present she wants. These small acts of appreciation can go a long way.

Chat Online

Teenagers nowadays are always online. Take advantage of this and be part of your daughter’s online circle. Send her a touching message now and then or share a funny picture you see online. Communication, whether physical or digital, is key to a better relationship.

The teenage years are impressionable years. Follow these tips and you’ll leave a good  — and lasting — impression on your daughter!