A Few Cups of Coffee a Day Keep Cancer Away

Man pouring coffee in his cup

Coffee is like ambrosia. It doesn’t only taste great; it is linked to a longer lifespan, as well. This is mainly due to the health benefits associated with it, such as improved memory, increased energy, and improved metabolic rate. Some studies also connect coffee to a lower risk of diabetes and heart problems.

There’s another reason to install an espresso coffee machine at work, though. Several studies concluded that coffee reduces the risk and recurrences of not just one, but three types of cancer.

Liver Cancer

A study from the University of Southampton in the UK found that drinking coffee reduces the risk of hepatocellular cancer (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer.

According to the findings, a cup a day reduces the risk of developing HCC by 20%. Researchers also stated that the more coffee a person drank, the less likely they were to develop the condition. In fact, two cups a day reduces the risk by 35%, and five cups a day halves the risk for the condition.

Endometrial Cancer

Researchers from the Imperial College London, meanwhile, found that coffee intake could reduce the risk of endometrial cancer. The researchers revealed that women who drank three cups of coffee a day are 19% less likely to develop the condition, compared to women who drank less than one cup a day.

Colon Cancer

Coffee doesn’t only reduce the risk of developing cancer. A study found out that coffee intake reduces liver cancer recurrences, too.

Researchers from the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute in Boston found out that patients with colon cancer who drank five or more cups of coffee a day were 42% less likely to have recurrences than those who did not drink coffee.

Coffee can reduce the risk for many other diseases. In fact, Professor Peter Hayes of the University of Edinburgh claims that coffee can be a wonderful natural medicine.

So, have your cup of joe. Your mid-afternoon flat white might just be saving your life.