AC Optimization: Staying Cool and Comfortable with Less Energy

an open air conditioner

Alabama is no stranger to mugginess. Adequate natural ventilation can help your home breathe out excessive moist air and prevent intense heat buildup, but it wouldn’t suffice. But even if you install energy-efficient Millbrook or Montgomery HVAC units, you have to make sure your rooms are well-insulated and weathertight to optimize your air conditioning system.

To make the most of your cooling equipment, here are some of the best things you can do:

Upgrade to High-Performance Windows

According to ENERGY STAR, high-performance windows are essential elements of your home’s complete thermal enclosure system. Look for features such as Low-E, warm-edge space, and argon gas filling to keep thermal transfer to a minimum. To meet Montgomery County’s energy efficiency requirements, look for products with a combination of 0.30 U-factor (or less) and 0.25 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (or less). Windows with this mix of ratings deliver maximum performance in the South-Central Climate Zone.

Install Attic Insulation

A properly insulated attic can single-handedly prevent a large amount of energy from going to waste. Considering half of all American homes are uninsulated, there’s a good chance yours isn’t ample enough to move the needle in heat transfer.

Of all insulation options, choose spray foam for your attic. Apart from being a superior insulator, it guarantees an airtight seal because it fills every hole and crack.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you have aging air conditioners, you might not need to get new ones if you pair them with a programmable thermostat. It doesn’t only help you adjust the temperature to you like, but it can also maintain your desired indoor climate on its own.

When it comes to zoned cooling, a programmable thermostat can preserve comfort in different rooms all day long. You can customize the climate of each area, allowing you to economize on energy and reduce the stress on your HVAC unit.

Give your home an energy efficiency audit to figure out the parts of your home you can improve. If you know which areas need more attention, you can enjoy year-round comfort without turning up the AC.