After a Car Accident: 7 First Steps You Should Take

Man on his phone with car accident in background

Accidents happen fast, and when they occur, confusion and emotions run high. However, in the middle of all this, there are things that you should make sure to do at the accident scene. These are the things that will protect you from financial and other losses.

Never leave the scene

Never make a mistake of driving off from the scene. This is even if it’s clear that you are in the wrong as this could make matters worse cites FindLaw. In fact, if your vehicle can still move, the best you can do is park on the roadside to avert more accidents from happening.

Check the injuries

Check if any of the occupants of your car is injured before checking the occupants of the other vehicle. If anyone is bleeding, try to control the bleeding. If anyone is unconscious or has acute pain on their backs, avoid moving them until the medics arrive.

Notify the police

Call the police. This is even if there are no severe injuries. They will ensure that the traffic keeps flowing as well as control the crowd that may have gathered. You will also need police report when filing your insurance claim, cites HuffPost. Make sure to get the badge numbers of the responding officer.

Take the pictures

Unless you can’t move, make sure you take the pictures of both vehicles and how they are positioned. Also, document the surrounding area as well as noting the date and time the accident took place and the direction you were heading.

Call your insurance company

Some insurance covers require you to contact them in case of an accident. You will receive instructions on what to do and what to avoid such as admitting to any liability without the insurance company looking at it. Reporting will also ensure that you get paid on time.

Call your lawyer

Many people wait until its too late before they call a criminal or a personal injury attorney from a family law firm like Feldman & Lee PS in Marysville or any other location. However, hiring or calling an experienced attorney can help you have a better defence if at fault or get a better compensation if you are injured.

Seek medical attention

No matter how fit you may feel, always seek medical attention just to confirm you are ok. Sometimes the injuries are not immediately apparent, but they can get fatal afterwards. Get checked in a health facility near you and let them give you a clean bill of health. However, you need to disclose to your physician any pain you may have.  And, more so if you were unconscious after the crash since it could mean you have closed head injuries.

Accidents are unpredictable, and they hurt. However, what you do after the accident will determine your fate and that of others. Any wrong move will harm your case and your life after that. The above steps will guide you as well as ensure that you don’t make a mistake that can be costly.