American Cancer Society: Women More Susceptible to Thyroid Cancer

3 out of 4 thyroid cancer patients are women

3 out of 4 thyroid cancer patients are womenWomen comprise a majority of new thyroid cancer patients in the U.S. for 2018, with almost three out of four cases, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS).

ACS estimated that there are almost 54,000 new thyroid cancer cases in the country this year, and 40,900 of them are female patients, while men comprised the remainder. This also influenced a higher fatality rate among women with 1,100 deaths compared to 960 among men.

Age Matters

If you live in Utah, proper thyroid management in Provo or Salt Lake City could be a solution for reducing the risk of cancer. Some medical facilities specialize in endocrine problems, so consider scheduling an appointment aside from going to an endocrinologist. Early detection is necessary, particularly among younger women.

According to ACS, children and teenagers account for around 2% of diagnosed thyroid cancers. This indicates that the disease manifests at an early stage, unlike other forms of cancer, aside from debunking a myth that thyroid problems affect only older people.

Common Misconceptions

Endocrine issues such as hypothyroidism could affect a person, regardless of their age, although it is more common among people who are beyond 60 years old. Despite women being more vulnerable to the disease, men should still be vigilant, especially if it runs in the family.

The American Thyroid Association said that men are five to eight times less likely than women to contract the disease, but that should not be a reason for complacency. When it comes to hormone treatment for hypothyroidism, more isn’t necessarily better. Ask your doctor about the right dosage to avoid side effects, such as increased appetite and insomnia, from too much hormonal intake.

Remember that no two thyroid problems are the same. If you have visited a doctor yet want to know more, consult a speciality clinic that handles different cases of endocrine illnesses.