Are You Planning on Buying a Stair Lift?

Photo of stair lift

Going up and down the stairs has always been a safety concern for households with elderly and family members with limited mobility. Thankfully, as Ascent Mobility and other experts noted, many providers today offer stair lifts that have premium features.

A stair lift is a type of chair that moves up and down a staircase using an attached mechanical rail. It offers your loved one an easy access to higher floors. Before installing one for them, here are some guidelines to help you choose in buying the right type:

Get to Know Your Stairs

If your home includes a straight stairway, then a straight stair lift. Other configurations need a curved stair lift. There are residents, however, who set up a couple of straight stair lifts if there is a halfway landing. They would then need to help their loved one move from the former unit to the next, which is not ideal for the transfer since it could lead to falls.

Consider Crucial Features

If you have a straight stair lift, a seat swivel could be a handy feature at the bottom and top of the stairway. This is because your loved one always faces away from the stairs when they get off and on it. Some features that you might consider are an error code notification if there are service problems.

Look for the Perfect Fit

Grab your measuring tape and scales to determine what chair will perfectly fit your loved one. Go for a stair lift that has the proper weight capacity. Have them sit in a regular dining chair to check the width they require to comfortably fit on the seat. You can also choose a unit that has an adjustable arm width to give them more flexibility with the space that they need.

Give your loved one the independence that they yearn for through these stair lifts. They will feel less of a burden knowing that they can handle this simple task of going up and down the stairs.