Basic Stages of a Car Accident Lawsuit

Accident involving two cars

Car accidents are now more common than before. Most people assume that they can handle their car accident claims without incident since they have insurance. Unfortunately, these people end up disappointed and without compensation.

Feldman & Lee PS shares that some opt for meager settlements because they think that cases involving auto accident lawyers in Marysville usually drag for extended periods and are expensive. Nothing could be farther from reality. Here are the basic phases a successful auto accident claim generally goes through.

Filing of a Compensation Claim

Most car accident lawsuits are civil lawsuits. Your lawyer starts the process by filing your complaint at your local courts. The exact time frame for filing the claim and the start of your case primarily depends on your state’s regulations. Your accident claim will include your assertions and the remedy you are seeking from the other driver and the insurance company.

Pre-Trial Practice and Preliminary Motions

Sometimes a defendant might file a few motions that affect your case. These typically include proposals for dismissal or removal and change of venue. A motion for removal shifts your case to federal court from a state one. If this is granted, the court throws your case out. If a defendant’s motion for removal is dismissed, the court will set a trial date.


Rather than going through a court trial, the judge might order mediation involving you, the defendant, your lawyers, and a neutral party. Most car accident lawsuits reach an amicable settlement in mediation. If this does not work for your case, then you will proceed to the discovery phase and a court trial.

With a better understanding of the above stages, you understand why you need an excellent attorney. He or she will move the above phases faster and ensure that you get a fair settlement with minimal expense on your part. No excuse should hence stop you from pursuing compensation in a car accident.