Building a Better You: A Short Guide to Personal Branding

Re-branding being selected virtually

Your personal brand is how people notice or describe you – the same as describing a celebrity or a famous organization. It is the set of personalities that show who you are, in both life and work. It is what makes you, you.

Wondering how you can build your own personal brand? Here’s how to get started.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is an ideal – and free – channel for promoting yourself. From blogs to your achievements, people can see what you do online. Consider how you describe yourself and make sure it tells viewers what you like and what you are up to.

Prepare for that close-up

As we enter the era of LinkedIn and other professional platforms, the value of a professional headshot can be equally important as a handshake. Therefore, different companies are now offering corporate headshots here in Washington, DC, as it publicly represents you and your personal brand.

As with making first impressions, your professional headshot should tell who you are. It is also ideal if the image feels like you, not how you want others to see you.

Just be unique

It is all about creating your personal brand and why you should not imitate someone else’s. Those great people you admire – your friends or even famous business leaders – pursued their own path and did not copy what others did for themselves.

The key to being successful is figuring out what makes you stand out from others. Use it to get people’s attention, and you are on your way to making endless connections.


Regardless if you are currently improving your personal career or looking to grow the sales of your company, building your own brand opens tons of opportunities. No one can take it away from you, and you will carry it all over your professional profession.

It is not easy to build, but it is all worth it.