Car Accident Attorneys – Figuring out when to hire a lawyer

Car Accident

Even though lawyers advertise on different media about their services and how they can help, most are unsure when they need to get in touch. The ads may not specify when or what circumstances have to occur to get contact with a lawyer. Here are some tips on when it is necessary and how an attorney can help.

When to hire an attorney

In cases where the circumstances are straightforward, and the injuries are relatively minor, there is no need to call a lawyer. The two parties involved in the accident can sort it out themselves. It would be smart to talk to a Springfield car accident attorney like and get clarification on issues about:

  • Unclear whether liability is to be shared by both
  • Evaluating a claim properly
  • Providing insurance adjuster medical records from a period before the accident
  • Settlement offer made by insurance company seems low
  • If a structured settlement is being offered instead of a one-time payment
  • Lack of confidence in negotiating on your own
  • Lost wages claim which may be difficult to prove

As a victim of an accident, these are the circumstance in which you should have an attorney by your side.

  • Extenuating circumstances in which you don’t know how to prove loss, but there is a definite case to be won
  • Insurance companies deny a claim and don’t reconsider even if your claim is a valid one
  • Settlement offered by the Insurer is too little
  • You have serious injuries and sizeable medical bills and not enough income
  • Possibility of incurring future medical bills
  • Injured minors due to the accident
  • Dispute about who is liable for the accident
  • Considerable time between the accident’s occurrence and claim settlement. This is important as there is a statute of limitations on accident claims
  • Circumstances surrounding accident are complicated and need further investigation
  • The other party is suing you

Whether it seems like a clear-cut case or complicated, talk to a lawyer before taking any steps. Consulting a lawyer even before dealing with an insurance adjuster is an excellent idea as you will have a better idea of what to say. Since many Springfield lawyers offer free consultations, you can get some help or pay for their time. They will be able to point out the merits of your case.