Heart in a doctors hands

Must-Dos in Taking Good Care of Your Heart

May 6, 2018

Your heart pumps blood throughout your body, hence the term “river of life.” You need to care of your heart because what you eat and what you do can affect its overall health. Taking care […]

Woman getting Botox injection

Facial Areas That Can Be Treated with Botox

May 4, 2018

With age, various parts of your body start deteriorating, and your skin is no exception. One develops deep creases and fine lines on their once youthfully smooth skin. Thankfully, scientific innovations have made it such […]

Model of a dental implant

Taking Care of Dental Implants In Edinburgh

May 1, 2018

Proper care of dental implants should be a conscious decision and begins long before the implant surgery. Patients with gum disease or other oral problems related to poor oral hygiene, need to have them treated […]

Girl in a dentist

Benefits Of A Straighter Smile

May 1, 2018

Teeth straightening is more than just aesthetics. Having misaligned teeth can cause more problems than people are aware. Gum disease, difficulty brushing and cleaning, chewing issues and bad breath. These are but a few of […]

Child at a dentist

Kids And Tooth Decay: Good And Bad News

April 11, 2018

There has been a disturbing trend in recent years of children suffering from decay. Despite the advances in dentistry, which make visits to the dentists much easier and more relaxed than ever before, more and […]


How Can Your Health Benefit from Cryotherapy?

April 11, 2018

Athletes commonly take a dip in ice-cold water to relax their muscles. Cryotherapy uses the same logic by exposing the body completely or partially for a few minutes in freezing or near-freezing temperatures to help […]

an Alzheimer's patient

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s: The Need-to-Knows

March 8, 2018

Are you concerned about your mental sharpness or your loved one’s? Mild forgetfulness is a normal part of the ageing process. If, however, it is affecting your life quality, learning more about Alzheimer’s care in […]

Photo of a woman smiling showing teeth

5 Painful Facts About Cavities

December 28, 2017

You call a hole in your teeth a cavity. Your dentist calls it dental caries or tooth decay. Semantics aside, how much do you know about the second most common health problem in America? Here […]