Checklist For Hiring a Window Replacement Contractor

Contractors working on window installation

While window replacement may seem like a relatively easy process, it may lead to issues, such as air and moisture seepage, as well as loss of energy if done incorrectly. In addition, some windows come with a warranty, which is only applicable if you use professional window installers and you install the windows the right way.

Read on to get ideas on how to find the right company that offers commercial window installation.


Before starting your installation project, check whether your local authorities require a permit for such work and whether the contractor that you are using is registered for this category of work. If they do require, check whether your contractor’s license is up-to-date and whether there are any current or previous complaints lodged against them. In addition, hire a contractor who has an insurance policy and verifies that the policy is updated.


Ensure that you check references for both your contractor and the window manufacturing company because the quality of work is dependent on both factors. Check the outcome of their work, the period that they took to finish the job, and whether there were any feuds. Find out how the particular manufacturer and installer handle complaints from different customers. By doing so, you will find a person who is easy to work with.

Get a contract and read the fine print

Do not forget to sign a contract that will protect your rights and interests. According to research, most windows break or fail because of improper installation. As such, ensure that both the window manufacturer and the installer offer you a warranty.

Finding a reliable window contractor is not a walk in the park, but it is possible when you have the right knowledge. Consider this checklist so you can ensure a successful commercial window installation process.