Creating the Perfect English Garden Atmosphere

Close Up of Woman Gardening

Gardens don’t always have to be well-manicured or perfect. Even though a freshly painted wood or bright steel fence might look good, it might not be the natural look you want in a rustic garden patio.

The right fixtures could go a long way in creating that rustic elegance you’ve always wanted. If you plan to build your version of an English garden in your backyard, you should consider using wall sconces that use an ornate Victorian design, recommends lighting experts at Barovier & Toso. Here are some other creative tips to help you create that romantic garden atmosphere.

Repurpose as Much as You Can

The whole idea behind antique garden decoration lies in repurposing as many objects you could use as backyard ornaments. Standing up an old bike against a wall and adding flowerpots to its carrier baskets or placing an old well pump by some lush bushes will give it the appearance of a garden scene frozen in time.

Choose Rustic Elegance or Country Chic

The rustic look draws from the Victorian era. Metal fixtures with rustic colors, wooden objects with riveted joints, and wrought iron with ornate designs are all the standard features found in many objects.

The combination of natural materials with stylish naturalistic patterns in planters, gates, and fences complete the English garden appearance.

The Natural Look

Your antique garden will be more impressive if it seems naturally grown in, instead of manicured perfectly. A slightly weathered clay flower pot, or a rustic water fountain complete with a rustic tap, and slightly overgrown overhanging vines and greenery perfect the picture.

A rustic English garden can be hard to maintain. You need more plants to fill every space, but you need to arrange your plants by height. You also need a touch of whimsy, so your garden can be that magical spot on your property.