Current Design Options for Vertical Siding


One of the typically overlooked exterior components is the siding. The siding complements your overall exterior design and protects your home from harsh elements, such as snow, wind, and rain. The most common option for sidings is the horizontal lap, but vertical siding is gaining popularity countrywide.

Vertical siding like the board-and-batten style makes a striking architectural statement for different homes. A manufacturer like Double T. Inc has vertical siding design options for homeowners considering new siding for their Utah properties. Here are a few of them:


Using eye-catching accessories on the wood and trim grain for your siding is currently the norm. The accessories are guaranteed to add some style to your home and make it stand out among others in your area. You can also opt to accessorize the thick vertical sidings and draw attention to some areas of your home while creating a memorable style statement.

Steel Siding

Vinyl siding has been the choice material option for a long time. However, homeowners are now leaning towards steel siding because of its strength and eco-sustainability. When used with a natural wood grain finish and tight seams, steel siding is extremely durable and has an exceptional look.

Mixing Light and Dark Colors

Currently, the popular design option is to combine a dark and light tone to create the perfect color contrast for your vertical siding. You can create the illusion of an expansive home by opting for a darker shade of one color on one side and a lighter shade on the other side of your vertical siding. Bold homeowners can blend three different shades for their siding to make it stand out.

The given options assure you that vertical siding will not be a dull addition to your home. Therefore, you need not stick to the conventional horizontal siding. Stand out with these vertical design options for your home.