Details that Make Your Wedding Trendy

Bride and groom kissing

Weddings are meant to be fun and joyous. You can plan it however you like. Most couples, however, want to be trendy when it comes to their weddings. And who can blame them, when pictures of the wedding are posted in real time by their Instagram and Snapchat savvy friends?

If you want a wedding that looks good in real life and online, here are some trends to consider:

Pretty in Pink

Pink is making a comeback, and it’s not the neon and bright pink you’ve come to hate. Now, it’s an understated, old rose, peachy color that lends just the right elegance to a wedding. When preparing the tables and chairs for the reception, Corpus Christi wedding rentals like The Ranch At San Patricio give you options. Ask them if they can decorate everything with pink accents, preferably with metallic gold on the side for an old-world feel.

Just Desserts

If you don’t mind forgoing a little bit of tradition, you can walk down the aisle sans the traditional bouquet of flowers but with a bouquet of doughnuts instead. It’s perfectly unique, suitable for someone with a sweet tooth. Do be mindful of the powdered sugar, though. This is just an idea, anyway. You can go with other desserts or better yet, go with something else to walk down the aisle with. A wristlet for your bridesmaids will also leave them with both hands free to help you with all your needs.

Locally Vegan

Vegan is the latest buzzword when it comes to wedding menus, as revealed by Vogue. Veganism is a growing movement, one that more people are eager to get behind. Another trend is to use local and seasonal ingredients for the wedding dishes. Ask your caterer for a vegan menu and see to it that each dish is customized to your wedding, to make each bite more memorable.

A memorable wedding is not just about the vows you exchange with your spouse. It’s also about the little details.