Diet and Exercise: The Truth About Getting the Right Balance

a girl at the gym

Surely, you’ve heard about the 80-20 rule of weight loss and many were disappointed that the lower number was for exercise. Yes, losing weight depends mostly on the food that you eat and less on the exercise that you do. However, finding that balance can be the most difficult part of it.

You can go to a weight loss studio two to three times a week to do cardio, and follow a specific nutritional diet to lower your sugar and carb intake. Easier said than done, right? Why is it such a challenge for most people to get this balance to achieve weight loss?

The Challenge

Most people who need to lose weight (the obese) have conditioned their bodies to eating habits that are difficult to change. For example, those who eat bread, rice, and pasta as a regular part of their meal may experience carb withdrawals — such as headaches and cold sweats — if it’s taken away from their diet. Most of the time, these people also mistake the stress they get from their daily activities as their exercise for the day. Stress and exercise are two totally different things.

The Truth

Every person’s body may react differently to the weight loss options and diet techniques available today. The fact that you can never achieve results overnight, it can be a long process of trial and error to see which diet or what type of exercise responds well to your body.

The thing is, many people don’t have the discipline and determination to stick with a routine long enough to see its results. This will leave them disappointed and will take them back to their comfort food and sedentary lifestyle that’s the cause of their obesity in the first place.

The Solution

You will never find the right balance of diet and exercise if you don’t have the discipline and patience to stick to a healthy routine long enough to achieve results. Your result-timeline may be anywhere from one month to one year. Studies have shown that sitting still and focusing on your breathing for at least 15 minutes every day can increase a person’s concentration and promote a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to find the perfect balance between diet and exercise for your body, solve the root of the problem first and work on increasing your patience, discipline, focus, and determination. After that, you can achieve the health and body you’ve always dreamed of without a hitch.