Different Types of Chiropractic Non-Invasive Care

a male chiropractor doing a back adjustment

Non-invasive chiropractic involves treatment options that relieve your pain and increase the range of your motion. They are normally outpatient procedures, thus giving you the liberty to enjoy the comfort of your home and only visit the clinic during your treatment session.

As you continue to receive treatment from a Tulsa chiropractic clinic like Bergman Chiropractic, your condition will improve and reduce the number of treatment sessions. Here is a detailed description of chiropractic treatments to help you choose the most suitable one for you.

Manual Joint Manipulation

This treatment method is mostly used for patients that have pain in their neck, back, lower body and upper body. A chiropractor will shift, distract, or stimulate movement into a joint that is inhibited and does not have any motion range. The result is a significant reduction of muscle spasm and nerve pain, as well as improvement of spinal extremity function. The chiropractor increases the manipulation from gentle to high-intensity, depending on your condition, age, and needs.

Low Force Manipulation

This method is suitable for treating infants and toddlers, elderly patients, patients with acute pain, and patients who have osteoporosis. The chiropractor will use specialized instruments to make adjustments. The use of low pressure is necessary since the joints are too fragile. The treatment offers relief by reducing pain and increasing mobility.

Flexion Distraction Manipulation

This treatment option is meant to treat the hip area and the lower back. You shall be required to lie on a treatment table, from where the chiropractor will apply the hydraulic mechanism to stretch the joints. The doctor then applies a distractive force, which smoothens and stretches out the spinal segments.

The use of the above chiropractic treatment methods helps in alleviating joint pains and allows you to live a healthy life. A chiropractor should evaluate your current health and your treatment history before administering any of these treatment methods.