Early Signs of Alzheimer’s: The Need-to-Knows

an Alzheimer's patient

Are you concerned about your mental sharpness or your loved one’s? Mild forgetfulness is a normal part of the ageing process. If, however, it is affecting your life quality, learning more about Alzheimer’s care in Orem is your next step.

For the Legacy Village of Provo, understanding begins with learning the symptoms, which include the following:

You worry about your memory

Studies at an Alzheimer conference showed that people who worry about their thinking and memory are likely to have traces of Alzheimer’s plaques in their brains. The study also reported that these people are at a greater risk of developing dementia signs later in life. If you are worrying, you should trust your own observations and seek medical help as soon as possible.

Spotty recollection of recent and important events

Forgetting an important memory with family members or newsworthy headlines can be worrying. People who remember forgetting show hopeful signs; it means their brains are trying to retrieve the information. But those experiencing trouble remembering important and recent events may visit their doctor immediately.

Loss of interest in favorite hobbies

If you have started skipping favorite pass-time activities for no apparent reason, then Alzheimer’s might be the case. Brain changes related to Alzheimer’s cause apathy resulting in loss of motivation. Watch out since these signs sometimes mimic those of depression. However, if you have no specific reason to be depressed about, then Alzheimer’s could be cropping up.

Do you notice any of the symptoms above? Instead of ignoring the signs and performing self-diagnosis, it is best to seek professional help. A neurologist will help you determine if your troubles are caused by Alzheimer’s or another condition.