Facial Areas That Can Be Treated with Botox

Woman getting Botox injection

With age, various parts of your body start deteriorating, and your skin is no exception. One develops deep creases and fine lines on their once youthfully smooth skin. Thankfully, scientific innovations have made it such that you can keep looking young even as you age — take Botox for example.

When properly applied, a Botox in Utah can leave you looking naturally beautiful and relaxed. It works by blocking neurotransmission, causing the facial muscles to stop contracting.

Consequently, deep lines stop developing and you get a fuller look. Injections take only a few minutes and begin to show results in a maximum of two weeks. Here are three areas in the face that can benefit from a Botox injection:

Crow’s feet

“Crow’s feet” is what you call the wrinkles and fine lines extending from the eyes towards the temples. They appear when your skin loses hyaluronic acid and collagen. To treat this, a doctor only needs thirty minutes. Botox gives better results than plastic surgery because crow’s feet involve many muscles.

Under-eye lines

Permanent lines under the eyes develop when the skin thins due to aging. Botox relaxes the muscles under the eyes, therefore softening wrinkles. A small amount of the chemical is normally enough to get a brighter appearance.

Marionette lines

Marionette lines run toward the jaws from the sides of the mouth. In some cases, the side of the mouth turns downward. Marionette lines form when the skin around that area sags. Botox works by tightening these frown lines.

A Botox procedure involves very little discomfort. The little that you experience is only the kind of hurt you would get from any other injection. You can always ask the dermatologist to numb the area before the injection. Looking younger has never been easier than it is with Botox.