Factors That Influence Your Choice of a Primary Care Physician

A health care form being filled out

Primary health care is your first point of medical care. It is the foundation of your health care. Choosing a primary care physician is, therefore, a crucial decision. Your doctor is your primary option when looking for a treatment for an injury or illness. These doctors may also refer you to other medical specialists.

When looking for a primary care physician, be sure to make the right decision. Whether you are changing your current physician or are new to a town and looking for a doctor, the process may seem overwhelming. Health Solutions outlines some of the factors that could influence your decision.

Your Insurance Network

Some health care insurers have a list of their primary care providers within your area. While you are not obliged to visit these physicians for your primary care, you pay low out-of-pocket costs and co-pays. Before choosing the doctor, find out if he or she is within your health insurance network. This way, you can have an idea of the expenses you should pay.

Your Health Needs

There are various specialties under primary care. The doctor you choose should have the right knowledge, experience, and expertise to meet your needs. Pediatricians treat kids up to 18 years old while general and internal medicine physicians focus on general adult care. Geriatricians provide medical care for patients above 65 years old. Obstetricians and gynecologists focus on pregnancy and women’s health.

Comfort and Convenience

Before settling on the ideal physician for your primary care, visit their office and see if you are comfortable. You should be at ease with the support and medical staff. The distance and working hours should also be convenient for you. Booking for appointments should be easy as well.

You can also consider visiting a doctor recommended by your family and friends. If you are moving to a new place, ask your previous doctor for a referral.