Factors that Matter in Event Planning

Table Arrangement in an Event

Planning an event is a daunting task.  There are many different aspects that you should consider. From the theme, the food, the guest list down to the entertainment.  But the most critical decision you have to make is choosing the venue.  You have to consider the amenities, the activities, and your company’s objectives.  There is a significant stake in selecting the right venue, which is why you should think of these factors:

Location, location, location!

The venue should be accessible to most of the guests.  If they have to travel for hours or book a hotel venue, then many of your guests may not make it to the event.  If the majority of your guests are from Manhattan, then choose an event venue in the area.

Your Guests

You should consider who your attendees are, how many are on the list, and what type of activities they are going to do.  The number of the people you invite determines the size and type of the venue.

Type of Event

What type of event are you considering? Is it a concert? Or a seminar?  Is it a formal event? This would determine the amenities that you need for your event, such a dance floor, an elevated stage, audio systems, or even a restaurant buffet service.


The number of your guests and the activities should be considered. The size of the area should be suitable to the number of the guests. Whether they are sitting down, eating dinner or performing some activities such as dancing, the venue should have the appropriate space for movement.


Some event venues provide services such as food, music, and entertainment.  You should ask yourself these questions: Does the venue offer tables and chairs? Do they have a crew that could do cleanups? It could be less hassle for you if you look for a venue that can have all these services or a list of accredited ones.

There are indeed many factors to consider in choosing a venue.  But if you plan your search well and find the perfect venue, you are already on your way to making your event a huge success.