Fintech Collaboration: The Key to Success

In recent years the world of finance has become an often treacherous one. With the financial disaster of 2007-08, companies have begun to seek diversification.

In today’s turbulent financial climate, it’s important for companies to work together to further their interests through investment. Algomi is a company that has been doing so excellently and prolifically.

For the larger, well-established institutions, the goal is to diversify. In the past, market incumbents have been reluctant to embrace new technology brought on by the wave of financial technology companies. Now, big banks and stock exchanges fund fintechs with investments.

Strategic Algomi investment is now more valuable than ever for many sectors of the financial world. Companies like S&P Global can invest in companies like Algomi and gain not just a chair on the board of directors over at Algomi, but also technology that can help their business directly.

S&P Global and Algomi partnership

Algomi is a company that has been expanding rapidly in recent years. In just the last six months, Algomi has secured three partnerships that come with significant investments.

S&P Global has invested in Algomi and together they plan on embarking on a long-term commercial relationship, sharing data and developing products together.

S&P Global plans to harness the power of Algomi’s bond trading technology to push into new markets that were previously inaccessible.

Why Algomi investment?

Algomi is a company built from the ground up around cutting-edge technology that revolutionises the way traders do business.

The company was founded in 2012 by a group of former UBS bankers. Spotting the gap in the market for this kind of technology, the founders began developing software for anyone from big banks to corporate traders to get the most of out of their trading decisions.

Algomi uses modern technology like artificial intelligence to analyse huge data sets that would usually be incomprehensible. This data is displayed in an informative and intuitive way to be consumed by both buy-side and sell-side traders.

Algomi frequently features in lists of exciting and innovate fintech companies, making them a company to watch. For more news of Algomi investment, visit