For Your Kids’ Dental Health: Curbing Your Kids’ Candy Consumption

a kid eating Easter candy

The dental health of your kids is always a priority. As a parent, you’re responsible for teaching them the value of taking care of their teeth, especially now that they’re at the stage where their permanent teeth are starting to develop.

One of the ways to do is curb their candy consumption. Candies are sugar-based, and sugar is the food of many bacteria that thrive in the mouth. These bacteria cause tooth decay and if not remedied as soon as possible, it may lead to further complications.

If you’re looking for some ways to curb their consumption of candy, here are some things to keep in mind, as approved by a provider of child dental service in Utah.

Give substitutes

If you don’t want them to eat candy, you need to provide them with alternatives. Make sure that they’re as yummy as candies (although much healthier). Fruits are a good option. You can, however, still make this more fun. Slice the fruits in shapes. Or better yet, make fruit ice cream or ice pops from scratch.

Take one, one at a time

You can’t just eliminate candies from the life of your kids in a snap. Otherwise, they will crave more for it. Instead, take away one candy at a time. Start with their least favorites. Every time you take away their candy, replace it with a much healthier substitute.

Give them a balanced diet

Sugar craving arises when your kids are not eating well. To prevent such craving from happening, you should start feeding your kids with the right food. A good balance of protein and carbohydrates will keep them full and satisfied.

These are just some things to keep in mind if you want to help your kids to have healthier teeth. Take one candy at a time!