Happy Kids, Happy Couple: Keeping Children Well-Behaved in Weddings

Newly weds with friends and kids

Weddings are, of course, about couples. Many times, though, the spotlight instantly gets taken away from the bride and groom with a four-year-old throwing a tantrum or someone’s child running wild all around your Minneapolis venue. In short, it’s a stress-filled event.

The fact of the matter is the key to avoiding this tragedy is simple: keep kids entertained. When they’re entertained, they’re well-behaved. Try these tips to keep children in their best behavior at your wedding:

Let them play.

In a separate area, of course. If your venue is near a large garden or a mini gazebo, ask your wedding planner if you can designate the area for the kids. Better yet, create a separate space for them, like putting up a tent. You can fill the place with inflatables, skipping ropes, hula hoops, or classic board games. Make sure to have seating areas for the parents or baby sitters who will watch over the kids. The table and chair rentals Minneapolis, MN​ event management experts offer must cover this space as well.

Assign a table for them.

Kids get more pre-occupied when they’re with their peers, so it’s best to group them together in a table. Let them have a different menu from the rest of the guests, like including in the meals candies, chocolates, and colorful cupcakes to add more fun to it. You can also leave some coloring or arts materials on the table. Let them design wedding cakes or dresses or create cards for the bride and groom.

Throw in the magic.

Another thing kids love aside from playing is magic, so give it to them. Hire magicians to entertain the kids. You can also have clowns and balloon artists. Of course, you will have to put up a separate space for such an elaborate act.

You don’t want the adult guests to be distracted. So, consider renting a tent. Remember to consider the age groups of kids your guests will bring. Magic tricks that entertain a four-year old won’t be that awesome for an eight-year old.

Children and weddings sometimes just don’t make a great combo, but you can make this work in your wedding celebration by letting them celebrate with you in a different way. Remember, the key is to keep them entertained. When they’re entertained, everybody’s happy.