How Can You Determine the Profitability of a Franchise?

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You may be looking for a pretzelmaker franchise opportunity or other snack food franchise, yet have you thought about considering the profitability of each brand first before comparing initial fees?

It’s common for us to choose a lower price when paying for something, but buying a franchise entails a different approach. When choosing a new or established brand, it pays to consider the true cost of joining the business.

Real Costs

Each brand offers different kinds of resources to its franchisees. You may pay a higher initial investment fee, but that cost will already provide you with marketing and sales support. Unlike a new brand, those who are established are also likely to lend financial help to its franchisees for urgent problems.

On the other hand, picking a new franchise seems to be a better choice if you have analyzed the growth trajectory of the brand. Be sure to check on the background of the people running the brand, as these can be an indicator of where the company is headed into the future.

Profitable Venture

Your willingness to learn and improve your entrepreneurial skills will be a key factor for a profitable franchise business. However, there are certain signs that you can use to measure a company’s growth. You can simply count the number of locations that were either added or lost in a certain period.

Online sources now allow anyone to find the average sales of various franchises, which is useful since companies are not mandated to release figures on average sales per unit. The frequency of support that a franchisor lends to its members should also be a factor, particularly when your operations become problematic.


Franchisees should not solely depend on their franchisor’s established brand for success, or dismiss the potential of a new one because of its relative size in your chosen industry.