How to Prepare Your Home Before Your Elderly Parents’ Move In

Cheerful seniors

Your parents are not as young as they once were. Now, they are seniors, and some of the sprightliness has given way to slightly limited mobility and difficulty negotiating stairs and steps.

It is a good decision to have them move in with you, as you can take care of them in their old age, but there are some preparations to ensure their comfort and safety in your home.

Here are some suggestions.

Use a ground floor bedroom

A house with no second floor is ideal, but if this is not the case with your home, consider giving them a ground floor bedroom. One close to the kitchen and with its own bathroom is ideal. The shorter the distance between the room and what they need, the better.

Make sure it is comfortable

A bedroom that gets very hot is not safe for someone of advanced age. If there is a broken A/C in the room, call for air conditioning repair in Gloucester, New Jersey before your parents arrive.

HVAC expert Ambient Comfort LLC notes that the same is true if there is no heat in the room and the weather is cold where you are.

Install grab bars

Grab bars can make it safer for your parents to use the bathroom or access other areas of the house, such as ramps. Think about putting in non-slip mats under throw rugs.

Get a walk-in bathtub

A walk-in, non-slip bathtub can dramatically reduce the possibility of an accident happening while your parent is trying to get in. Some walk-in bathtubs are also equipped with lockable wheels so you can move them to a safer and more convenient location in the bathroom.

Install new door handles

A conventional doorknob may be difficult for your parents to turn if they have arthritis or weak hands. Replace your doorknobs with grab handles or levers.

Your home may be very comfortable for someone with no mobility problems, but it may be very challenging for your aging parents. Apply these changes to ensure their comfort and safety.