Is a Bike Cargo Wagon Right for You?

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Bike cargo wagons or trailers are perfect modes of transport for touring or transporting load in shorter distances. Like other cargo bikes, they are built with solid axles for stability, adjustable suspension for improved handling, as well as other features to achieve flexibility and durability.

But is a bike cargo wagon from suppliers such as MADSEN Cycles right for you? Before getting into that, it’s important to understand the two types you could choose from.


Single wheel bike cargo wagons are built for maneuverability. They are perfect for narrow roads and passageways. Weight distribution between the back wheel and the wagon is optimized to gain traction and better handling.

This is good for riding through dirt or uneven roads. The wagon is also streamlined behind the bike, acting as a windbreaker, and hence, minimizing drag.


Since there are two wheels, you expect this type as wider and more stable. There is also enough space for putting your load. The weight is distributed in the wagon wheels, applying less torque on the bike.

This explains why it is easier to balance the bike as well as fixing the load. Two-wheeled wagons are easy to attach and detach compared to single-wheel wagons.

It is essential that you know why you are buying a bike cargo wagon. Will you be just using it for touring the town, for shopping during weekends, transporting goods of your small business, or an alternative to rest your car and make visits to friends and family nearby? Will you use it only on paved streets or will you go for off-road rides?

If your purpose is to tour around or visit friends, a single-wheel will do. The single-wheel type is also easy to manage in paved streets. But if you are going off-road with some load, carrying goods from the grocery store, and moving loads of stuff, then the two-wheel is the appropriate type.