Latest Digital Trends That Will Significantly Influence Your SEO Efforts

SEO concept shot

Online traffic is essential in the competitive online business market. To get maximum online traffic, it is crucial to rank at the top of search engines. To achieve this, you need effective SEO techniques.

Staying at the top is not easy, though. SEO trends in Naples, FL, are continually changing, and innovations are coming up. It is hence essential to have a marketing agency helping you full-time capitalize on the current trends and keep you at the top.

Here are some of the latest trends that will significantly impact your SEO ranking.

1. Secure Website Connection

The highest-ranking websites currently are HTTPS. The ‘S’ is added to your HTTP web address after the acquisition of a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate. This enables your website to be viewable over an encrypted and safe connection.

Some browsers have even started warning users on sites that are not secure, and this can negatively affect your user’s experience.

2. Voice Search

Voice-activated search is taking over, owing to the voice recognition software in home speakers and mobile devices. Voice searches are convenient and fast, especially for busy people.

To remain relevant with voice search, use a natural language that matches your user’s conversational tone. Using long-tail search keywords is advisable as well. FAQs that answer ‘WH’ questions can also help you capitalize on voice search.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Backlinks, content and artificial intelligence (AI) are currently Google’s top ranking signals. RankBrain is the name for Google’s machine AI algorithm. It helps sift through search results to present the user with what it deems fit for their search query.

Applying semantic keywords, having thought-leading content and an easily navigable site will help you benefit from this trend.

Most internet users are becoming visually focused. Captivating photography and rich visuals should form a significant part of your content to keep you relevant. The many visual search engines available can help you use this trend to your advantage.