Let Us Talk Walls: Elements That Make a House More Functional

Cladding on the side of house

When you are designing your own house, you will not get satisfied easily. You spend money on the construction so you might as well get the best of everything. Most of your budget goes into the foundation and the interiors as well as the items that you fill the spaces with.

What you may forget, however, are the walls. The following wall elements improve the home’s appearance and functionality:


This is an improvement to the looks of your house, but more than that, it is also an improvement in your home’s insulation.

Cedar cladding is known for marrying aesthetics and versatility — you get both elements when you install this onto your walls. Choose a finish that complements your roof, and finish off with a couple of wall hangings to make the house warm and appealing.


Walls behind doors may not be suitable for shelves and bins, but you can use them for storing hanging items. Coats and hats, for instance, do not take much width when hung. Even pants can find a suitable storage space behind your bedroom door.

It is a neat way of hiding items to immediate sight. You could also use the wall as a place for your DIY accessory organiser.


You could turn a wall into a storage solution by positioning racks to act as floating storage. This will give you usable space and a neater way to organise things around the house.

Use boxes covered with DIY adornments to make them more decorative or baskets of the same material for a more finished look. You can even give each member of the family some wall space in their room — as long as you remind them to organise their things.

Your house has all that untapped wall space. Use it wisely to improve functionality without tapping out on aesthetics.