Make the Most of Open Houses

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House hunting is a tricky task. You think you’re alone, but that’s not true. There are real estate agencies and realtors lending a hand. From time to time, there are open houses that introduce you to the house for sale through a guided tour.

When you’re going to one, do the following:

Ask About the Previous Owners

Who would not want to live in a luxury community in Kennewick? You’re encouraged to go to as many open houses as you can, to get a feel for the property and the neighborhood. This is where you’ll be starting your life, so you have to be sure of your decision. And if you know why the previous owners are selling or at least what kind of person they are, you’ll feel more at ease with it.

Inspect the Rooms

An open house gives you the opportunity to see the house inside and out. Don’t just follow the realtor around and wander aimlessly. Do this with purpose. Check each room and see if there are any hidden damages that might need expensive repairs. You know your family so even if they can’t all make it to the open house with you, touring the house will give you an idea of how each member will react to the rooms.


The house will probably look different as soon as your family settles in. There will be signs of life, and clutter, everywhere. You’ll want to imagine just how efficient the house’s layout will be in helping you do your tasks and managing the household. Is there enough closet space for everyone? Do you need to tear down some walls to make the house more suited to your lifestyle? These are costs that will pile on top of the house prices.

When looking for a home for your family, you need to look at the property realistically. Ask away when you go to an open house and write down the noteworthy aspects of each property.