Most Common Problems When People Skip On Oil Change

Mechanics working on a car engine

The oil is what keeps your car running, especially if it’s a luxury brand like Porsche. That’s why it’s important to do an oil change in auto shops like Formula Motorsports like New York City to ensure that it’s in tiptop shape. But what will happen if you skip on an oil change?

Dirt will mix with the oil

Although the oil filter will help eliminate the dirt for a while, It’ll soon clog up the oil filtration, causing it to wear down. The oil contaminated with dirt will quickly become too abrasive that it’ll damage your oil filter later on.

The oil won’t be well lubricated

The additives found in oil such as friction reduces, rust-fighters and even detergent will make the oil less lubricated than it should.

Things will soon heat up

Another issue that most car owners will encounter if they forget to change their car’s oil is that it heats up quickly and won’t function properly. It may mean that some parts of the engine have already worn out.

The engine will soon break

If you continue to neglect to change your car’s oil now and then, chances are your engine will soon be destroyed. Continuous wear and tear of individual parts will quickly affect your engine and prevent it from functioning correctly. Repairing it will be costly that’s why most drivers end up selling their car instead.

These are just a few of the most common problems that car owners will encounter if they neglect to change their car’s oil. Changing your car’s oil is easy. But hiring a professional can make it even easier. You may want to consider changing the oil from time to time, to ensure that’ll function adequately especially while you are on the road.