Need to Rent a Dumpster? Follow These 4 Tips

dumpster from a construction site

Do you need to clear out debris from a current house renovation? Or maybe you need someone to pick the mess you made when you did your spring landscaping? Looking for a roll off dumpster rental here in Denver is easy.

But if it’s your first time to need such services, you may be scratching your head not knowing where to begin. Here are four things you should consider.

1.The Kind of Trash You Have

Are you throwing away furniture, old appliances, soil, sand, or materials from a demolition? Most companies don’t allow certain materials to mix in one dumpster. You must also know that it’s illegal to dispose of hazardous waste.

It’s best to discuss the nature of your trash with the company so they can help you with proper disposal.

2. The Size You’ll Need

Dumpsters come in different sizes. The bigger the dumpster, the higher the cost. Each dumpster also has its own weight limit. That’s why it’s important to let the company know what it is your throwing away so they can suggest the right size for you.

3. Your Price Options

Each company’s prices may vary depending on the sizes they offer and the materials they accept. Try to look around for different companies, taking note of their price options, before deciding on which one best meets your requirements.

4. Your Negotiation Options

Don’t feel embarrassed to negotiate the price. Most companies can make adjustments because they understand that each dumpster service request is unique. Are you a senior? A veteran? Or a military personnel? You just might get certain discounts that you won’t find out about until you ask them.

Unless you’re running a construction site or a manufacturing plant, you probably don’t have enough knowledge about renting dumpsters. Remember these tips when you need the service. It’ll help you get through that clueless stage.

Besides, most people with residential dumpster needs are probably scratching their heads, too.