Party Planning: How to Throw a Themed Kids’ Birthday Party Like a Pro

Kid with parents in front of a cake

There’s a little bit of pressure when your kid requests for a certain theme for their birthday. They and their friends know exactly how Hello Kitty or a pirate ship looks like, so if you don’t get the right colours or feel, there’s a high chance there’s going to be tantrums even before the party starts. If you’re trying to pull off a themed celebration, do these steps to do it like a pro:

Start with the colours

The colours primarily set the mood and influence what the people feel when they step into the venue. From the theme your child wants, identify the hues used. For instance, in a Hello Kitty theme, pink and white are the most dominant colours. Take that as a mental note when choosing tablecloths, balloons, food containers, party favours and other elements of the party. When you’re able to saturate the venue with the primary colours of the theme, the vibe is already set.

Look for inspirations

Scroll through Pinterest boards for pegs. Then, get your hands busy with DIY craft projects. While you’re at it, let your children be involved. Teach them how to do paper flowers, table pompoms, dessert table backdrop, etc. They may not have the best crafts, but you’re allowing them to have far greater ownership of the celebration. You can also look for cake styles on the web. In fact, you can let them design a cake online. The cake is the centerpiece of the party, so when kids are able to design their own, it makes them pretty proud of themselves.

Make the theme character an accent

You don’t have to put Hello Kitty or the pirate on all the party elements. You don’t want to overdo the theme. After all, it’s your kid’s birthday party, not Hello Kitty’s. The primary colours you used is enough to create the vibe and theme. Use the theme character as an accent only. You can have them on table napkins or the baked pastries. Keep things simple as much as possible.

Themed birthday parties can be a bit intimidating to pull off. But when you follow these steps, you’ll definitely nail the celebration your kid wants and be thanked for it.