Secrets to Safe Browsing on Free Public Wi-Fi

Employees having a meeting with search engine in the middle

Keeping internet visits private isn’t for the purpose you might think. It isn’t for illicit uses such as visiting inappropriate sites. It is simply for secure surfing, shopping, chatting, or working offsite, at their favorite coffee house, the airport, or a hotel room with free Wi-Fi.

It’s nice to have the perk of free internet access while working offsite, but do you really trust public Wi-Fi? Your browsing history, private messages, emails and even financial information are available to anyone who has a bit of knowledge and the right software to grab your data from the open network connection.

Keeping Your Information Private

The safest and easiest way to keep your information private is very simple — VPN tunneling software. It’s not at all complicated. Instead of connecting straight from your computer to the open internet, the connection goes to a remote private server Then, all the information between your computer and the server is encrypted (encryption is a code that keeps your information safe). Once you log into your tunnel, everything looks and works the same on your end, but you will know any information you send or web pages you browse will be private and inaccessible to the hackers.

Keeping Unsecured Public Wi-Fi Use Safe

If you aren’t all that concerned about your private information is open to anyone, there are other ways of attempting to protect yourself:

Make sure any of the pages you visit have that little green padlock at the bottom of the page and https.

Wait until you are on a secure network to buy anything.

Don’t do your banking until you are on a secure network, preferably your home network.

Work only offline on sensitive projects for work.

Don’t send sensitive messages or personal information in a message.

Turn off the “file sharing” option on your computer.

Make sure your malware and computer security are all up to date before leaving home.

The Safe and Logical Solution

If you decide on a VPN Tunneling service, make sure you choose a reputable with terms and customer feedback you have researched. When it comes to fees, if you value your privacy and financial security, it’s worth the small price, especially in comparison with having your financial and personal information hacked while you’re on a business trip.