Selling Your House to a Millennial Market? Here’s What to Highlight

a house

The millennial generation is a formidable force in the housing market, majorly comprising two categories. There are the young professionals who want a turnkey home that needs very little or no work.

On the other hand, there are the creative buyers who want to invest money over time, put their stamp on a property and add value for the future.

While the two groups might seem like their needs are entirely different, there must-have features on the property are very similar. Here is a popular list of millennials needs before buying a home.

1. Very few repairs or none at all

Updating the kitchen and bath is one thing and repairing another. Millennials would prefer to indulge in neither. Keep in mind; most young people grew up watching their parents spend their weekends either repairing stuff around the house or doing mundane chores.

No young person wants to spend their weekend cutting grass or cleaning gutters; they’d rather have the weekend to themselves and do other fun things. So, as you prepare to place that home on sale, inspect everything.

For instance, if the garage door doesn’t lift easily, make sure you call for garage spring repair expert, such as Provo’s All Star Garage Doors Inc., before inviting a millennial to view the house.

2. An updated kitchen and bath

The main reason millennials want an updated kitchen and bath is that they have limited budgets. As a known fact, updating a kitchen and bathroom is usually an expensive affair. These are the two most expensive rooms to update in a house.

So, you can understand why the young and modern home buyer will not want to sink their money into those updates. Most of their budget allocation will go into furnishings and down payment.

3. The latest technology

For the young, technology is part of all the elements in their lives, and the home is not an exception. From simple things such as LED lighting to the more complicated technology such as automated gates. To attract a millennial to buy your home, you must incorporate the latest technology and high-tech features.

To truly understand what a modern young person wants in a home today, identify modern trends, and you will have a glimpse of what creativity means to them. Stay knowledgeable for upcoming home trends.