Siding For Years: Maintenance For Your Home’s Exterior Shield

Siding on a house wall

Your house could benefit from the addition of siding for insulation and weatherproofing. But like everything else, it will only be truly helpful if the siding is installed and maintained properly. When you’re doing the installation yourself, several things could go wrong. That is why it’s better to leave the job to the experts. The best thing you can do is monitor its condition and take good care of it.

Double T. Inc shares some tips on how to make the most of your siding in Utah.

Start with the Right Material

Different contractors may offer different materials for the siding, but there’s something that best fits the weather in your community. Choose from aluminum, wood, stucco, or cedar, depending on how much rain or snow your area gets. Remember that the siding is supposed to protect you from the elements; if you choose a material that is vulnerable to rotting, it might not be the best solution for a house in a rainy state.

Let Professionals Install the Siding

Installing one panel after another seems easy, but installing them properly is the biggest challenge. The siding should provide insulation to the house, so every gap makes them less efficient. Watch out for those holes, as well. They mean the cold air can enter the house, making the siding useless. The savings you get from the DIY installation will just go to siding replacement later, which means you might even spend more.

Finish With a Fresh Coat of Paint

You can strengthen this exterior protection by applying a fresh coat of paint. Paint protects your siding from extreme weather conditions. It also serves as an additional layer of protection against water damage. A coat of paint can last for years, but it may need to be refreshed after a while to keep the siding in good condition.

When you install siding to your home, you’re not thinking of it as a temporary addition. Make sure it will last for many years and will remain in good shape so you enjoy all the benefits.