Some Things Families Will Love About Moving to Stapleton

Stapleton, Nebraska.

Previously home to the Stapleton International Airport, Stapleton has since been converted to a suburban residential area, and since then has been one of the biggest urban redevelopment success stories in the world, according to its community website.

Nowadays, the community continues to entice young professionals and families, due to it having an abundance of local commerce and vicinity to major business centers downtown.

Since 2001, businesses, public officials, and citizens have worked hand in hand in making Stapleton what it is now. To accommodate the growing demand for real estate, many property owners and managers have put up homes in Stapleton for rent.

Whether you would like to nest in this growing community, or rent a house, here are some reasons to move to Stapleton.

Great for Families

If you have a plan to or already have kids, Stapleton is a great place to move into. This is because of its quaint, small-town charm that has led to a closely-knit community. When you rent a house in Stapleton, you will find that everyone knows each other in this suburbia.

This is perfect for those with kids, as they can very easily make friends with the neighbors.


Transportation is almost a breeze here. Many people have noted that it is easier to go places because of the lack of traffic congestion and great public transport, which is generally available 24/7.

Whether you are coming home from a long day at work, or back from a pub-crawl, you can find a way to get to where you need to be.

This might be a turnoff for those who prefer more of an old-school feel, but they designed houses in Stapleton for modern families, and are generally in good condition. This makes renting a very safe option.