Specialists Who Can Help You Manage Asthma

Doctor consulting a patient

Your primary care physician, or the ones practicing family medicine in Lehi in clinics such as Revere Health, can diagnose asthma, ascertain its severity, and determine the best treatment for you.

Still, you should consider consulting an asthma specialist if you, for instance, need special tests and treatments or have had a life-threatening asthma attack. Here are five asthma specialists you can consider.


A pulmonologist is a lung specialist. To specialize in respiratory diseases, doctors need two or three extra years of training after residency in pediatrics or internal medicine.

Physicians certified to practice pulmonology can provide diagnostic, consultative, and therapeutic help for patients with diseases that involve the lungs and breathing.


Internal medicine refers to the study of illnesses in adults, particularly the diseases related to internal organs. An internist is an “adults’ physician” with three additional years of medical training. Adult asthma patients can benefit from internal medicine specialists.


An allergist is an internist or pediatrician who has taken extra training to specialize in allergy and immunology. An allergist is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, allergic asthma, and asthma.


A pediatrician has three years of after medical school training in the management of the health of kids from birth through college. A pediatrician can diagnose and treat childhood diseases. Babies, children, adolescents, and young adults with asthma can benefit from pediatric care.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Therapist

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a program that helps improve the welfare of people with chronic breathing problems. While a pulmonary rehab therapist is not a doctor, this respiratory therapist or nurse has training in PR techniques that can benefit individuals who have pulmonary problems.

These therapists can offer asthma support and information on issues such as lung function, exercise and asthma, stress and asthma, and nutrition and asthma.

If you or your loved one has asthma, it helps to have an asthma specialist as your doctor. Asthma specialists are health care providers who understand lung function and respiratory diseases. These doctors have the training and experience to offer you the comprehensive treatment you need.​