Strategies for Employers to Make Their H-1B Visa Applications a Success

Work Visa Application Employment Recruitment ConceptWorkplaces are increasingly becoming diverse. To remain relevant and competitive in the business world, therefore, employers are hiring workers from beyond their borders. Most businesses in the US are cashing in on foreign experts.

A work visa is a legal requirement for all who wish to work in Utah County and the US as a whole. The most popular work visa is the H-1B. This visa is for specialty occupations, and the prospective employer sponsors this. That said, below are several tips to ensure your H-1B visa application is a success.

Have Your Application Ready on Time

As an employer looking for an H-1B visa for your employee, one sure way of failing the application process is letting the application deadline pass without submitting your request. The applications usually open in April. It is best to have the application and requirements ready way before the opening date. Work closely with your potential employee to make sure you organize all your plans accordingly.

Apply Only Once

You may think that multiple applications for one employee will increase your chances of success. Though there are no limitations on the number of times you can apply, there are particular conditions. Two applications for one employee by the same employer will get a rejection. The same goes for two applications by different employers for the same applicant. Advise your potential employee accordingly.

Ensure the Employee Is Eligible for the Visa

The vacancy you are hiring for should be among the specialty jobs listed by the USCIS. The candidate must also be a degree holder. The degree should also meet the standards set by the government. Sometimes, however, candidates with less academic qualifications but with adequate experience can qualify.

Since the H1-B visa is in high demand, hiring an adviser to help you with your application will do you good. This expert has a better understanding of the application. This is your first step to a diverse and competitive workforce.