The 4 Basic Types of Bikini Tops for Every Women

woman wearing red swimwear

Finding the right bikini can be a challenge, especially if it’s related to how you perceive yourself. That’s why choosing the right two-piece bikini swimwear that suits your body type is essential. But how do you know which one suits you best?

1. Halter Bikini Tops

This type of bikini offers the most support among all the basic bikini designs. It’s the best shape that’ll complement women of any size or shape. Its design also lets you get an even tan.

2. Triangle Bikini Top

Another type of swimsuit that never goes out of style is the triangle bikini top. It’s simple yet stylish and perfectly fits women with small busts. It’s also best for women with pear-shaped bodies, as it perfectly accentuates their curves.

3. Strapless and Bandeau Bikini Tops

Strapless and bandeau bikini tops are perfect for women with a boyish figure. It’s also best if you don’t want tan lines or if you want to look confident at the beach. Women with fuller bodies may want to stick with simple plain designs to avoid too much focus on the upper portion of their body.

4. Underwire Bikini Tops

Women who are gifted with a big bust may choose an underwire bikini to have an additional support. Its thin wire is specifically designed to provide the needed breast support. Its unique shape also pushes the bust together to create a perfect fit. However, women with a fuller bust may want to avoid to avoid prints or tops with brighter colors.

Although most women tend to focus more on how they look, what’s important is that you’re comfortable with what you wear. As long as it suits your skin and body type and you’re comfortable with it, then you’ll be good in whatever swimwear you choose.