The Art of Concealing: A Makeup Guide

a pretty woman

As the famous song goes, “Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know…”

With Disney’s Frozen fever hitting almost every country in the world, it would be impossible to miss this song. Now, use it for your daily face regimen in managing those unwanted spots, scars, or acne. With the right concealer, no one would know that you have that zit in your cheek for days.

Letting your skin go and just allow your face to be covered with blemishes is a big no-no. Therefore, finding the right concealer is crucial. Let this guide help you shop for your first one:

Find out its usage

There is a difference between a brightening concealer and those green-, peach-, and yellow-based ones. Although their purpose is the same, their specific usage is different.

Dark circles would need a brightening concealer. Dark spots would need a peach-based color corrector and concealer, while acne can perfectly be covered with green-based concealers. The bottom line is you need a different concealer for each part of your skin depending on how you would use it.

Know your skin type

The three major skin types are dry, oily, and combination. Concealers are made to match these different skin types. Liquid concealers are the most versatile, as they come in different finishes and can work with all skin types. Cream concealers work best for those who have combination skin type, while stick concealers are a common choice for those who have dry and sensitive skin.

Apply it the right way

The first two points are important in choosing the right concealer type to make the most of your purchase. However, it’s also important to apply it the right way to make sure you get the finish you want.

Finding the right concealer can be tricky, especially if this is your first time. Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations from shops or do further research to know which one can work for you.