The Basics of Print Logistics

Printing Machine

These days, a printing business should have reliable logistics. Just like any enterprise, your printing shop has orders that you need to manage well. Otherwise, you will fail to meet the demands of your customers. Dissatisfied customers can adversely affect your business, especially when they publish negative reviews online.

If the skeleton of your business’s supply and demand is quite basic, it is time to improve it. You need to establish a set of protocols that will make the delivery of printing jobs efficient. Here are some pointers:

Establish an Inventory Check

Many business owners overlook the power of an inventory check. You need to prioritise it, as your inventory is what makes your operations possible. If your stock is problematic, you will not be able to deliver your products well. Monitor your supplies such as your ink from Jetmark. You can check your inventory once a week.

Establish a Distribution System

This is something that you must do if your shop has branches. Your offices will depend on the source of supplies, so you need to have a centralised provider. Schedule deliveries and check the inventory of each shop.

Check or Test

Establishing a system can be quite problematic at the start. That is all right. If one method does not work, you can try another one. However, make sure that you choose one quickly so that you will have a logistics system for the long term.

Overall, these are just some things to bear in mind if you want to establish a logistics system for your printing shop. Seek the advice of your partners if you feel unsure.