The Benefits of Using an Immigration Solicitor In London

immigration solicitors working

Despite how it may appear after the Brexit fallout, Britain isn’t closed for business. The UK government remains keen to attract foreign investment and is actively seeking entrepreneurs from outside the EU to bring their business to these shores.

Outside investors may be attracted by the tax breaks, but what about the immigration paperwork? Applying for a visa can be a lengthy, bureaucratic burden, not the sort of activity a high-flying entrepreneur is renowned for diving into. These business whizzes would be well advised to employ the services of an immigration solicitor in London, such as Saracens Solicitors, let the lawyers get on with what they do best, allowing them to focus on building up their millions.

Whether an investor is already in the UK or about to make the leap here, applying for or extending an investor or entrepreneur visa is best done with the help of a dedicated legal team. There are different types and tiers of visa suitable for different situations, and anyone also wanting to bring their partner and family here, have a whole other set of visas to consider.

It’s not legally necessary to engage the services of an immigration solicitor in London when applying for visas, but it is advisable. Many firms in the city have years’ worth of experience in working with the Home Office and know just the right information to supply at the right time, to give the best chance of success. They can also coach applicants on how to get through government interviews.

For example, the application for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa includes the Genuine Entrepreneur Test. This rigorous procedure is aimed at weeding out any fly-by-night firms that don’t have the capacity to build a sustainable UK-based business. Applicants must supply a weighty business plan and also go to the Home Office for a personal interview. Any immigration solicitor in London worth their salt will be able to take their clients through this step-by-step to make sure they know exactly what to expect at each stage, and how to pass the test with flying colours.

A skilled, experienced and knowledgeable guide through the maze of Home Office bureaucracy: one big reason to use an immigration solicitor in London.