The Many Ways You’re Ruining Your Fridge

Person Inspecting Fridge

It’s one of the staples in your kitchen. Most, if not all, houses in the United States, have a refrigerator. It’s simply too important to forget, as it’s where you store food items and ingredients that will not be consumed within the day.

Because the fridge is important, you’ll want to keep it in good condition, right? But what if your normal actions are doing the opposite?

Not Defrosting Regularly

The fridge is cold, which is how it stops most meats and other items from going bad. But it’s that same coldness that allows for an accumulation of ice pretty much everywhere, starting from the freezer. Once you have difficulty keeping the fridge closed, that’s when you know you’re way past defrosting. Things can only get worse when the door gasket starts to loosen up, which means it’s time for a fridge repair. Though a Salt Lake City appliance repairman can solve this problem for you, cleaning the fridge regularly is also important.

Storing Food Incorrectly

If you’re one of those people who just throw everything in the fridge, so they don’t spoil, you’re not only endangering the family’s health; you’re also ruining this important appliance. Some food items, fruits, and opened containers should not go inside the fridge, as they release poisons and chemicals. Opened canisters may also spill inside the fridge, which could stain or rust exposed elements.

Fridge in the Wrong Part of the House

The fridge should be in the coldest part of the house. If it’s placed anywhere else, you’re giving yourself the gift of expensive energy bills and a potentially broken appliance in no time. As the fridge is expected to hold a low temperature, do not expose it to high heat so that its system will not malfunction. With that said, if your fridge is near the stove or microwave, it’s time to rethink your kitchen layout.

You may think you’re not doing anything wrong, but there isn’t much comfort in ignorance. Know how to store food and how to care for your appliances properly.