The Shortcuts to Help You Earn More in Scrapping Metal

Pile of scrap metal waste

People always look for hacks to earn more cash out of their scrap metal gig. Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable sources of information on the Web, and this guide is one of them.

Experience scrap metal buyers know the importance of categorising scrap metals to get the best value and avoid losing money. Here are some hacks to help you out:

Aluminium vs. Stainless Steel Test

To determine whether a metal is aluminium or stainless steel without a file in hand, use your house or car keys to scratch them. You can easily scratch aluminium, while you have to put in more effort to scratch stainless steel. Whilst this hack will not always work for aluminium, you can easily tell if it is stainless steel.

Warm Wire with the Sun’s Help

Although this hack will not work during the fall and winter months, it will still be a beneficial tool to help you whenever the sun is out. Strip wire faster with the help of the sun, but ensure that you do not leave it exposed for a long time as it can potentially melt the plastic to the wire.

The Magnetic Broom

If you usually work outside, you know that there are things to avoid at a scrap yard or scrap metal recycling facility. It would be wise to invest in a tool that can pull out small chunks of screws or metals on the ground. It will save you more time and money from having to replace a popped tyre.

Cut Off Copper Wires to Release Transformer

Cut off copper wires from adapters and wires by lightly bashing it with a hammer. This will help you take out the transformer and earn a new addition to your scrap pile that will be worth more in the local yard.

Remember the scrap metal hacks listed here to earn more cash easily and quickly. It might not seem much, but you will eventually get more than what you regularly earn.