Types of Powered Patient Lifting Equipment

Injured PersonMany patients are immobile and handling or transporting them might be challenging for hospital staff. Handling injured patients likewise requires expertise to avoid worsening the injury or causing a new one. Patient lifting equipment is a necessity for transfer, mobilisation, repositioning and ambulation of patients.

There are different types of lifting equipment you can get at a patient handling equipment store. The most convenient and easy to use for your staff and comfortable for the patients is a powered one.

Here are the three primary types of powered patient lifting equipment:

Full-Body Sling Lifts

These use various sling styles that offer total help and support for extensive-assistance and dependent patients. Full-body sling lifts can also be used for patients who have a little weight-bearing capacity. They are ideal for patients weighing about 350-1200lbs. The two commonly used types of full-body sling lifts are the ceiling and floor-based lifts.

Stand Assist/Sit-To-Stand Lifts

These lifts have wheels attached to expandable bases, which can be spread out around wheelchairs. Stand assist lifts can be used for patients with partial weight bearing capability. The patients must, however, have upper body strength, as well as the ability to grasp objects using one hand and follow simple instructions. They are ideal for patients weighing 350-1000lbs.

Lateral Transfer Lifts

These float patients in a horizontal position from one surface to another. They are used for repositioning and lateral transfer of patients under minimal frictional resistance; therefore, decreasing the pulling force applied when moving the patient. Lateral transfer lifts are available in air-assisted, friction-reducing and mechanical types.

With the above lifts in your facility, you can be guaranteed that your patients will be moved safely with minimal stress on your staff. They will likewise boost your patient’s recovery and protect you from costly litigation resulting from patient mishandling. Focus on quality when buying lifts and get them only from a reputable supplier to ensure that you get safe and durable equipment.