Using Updated Tiles and New Materials to Upgrade Flooring

Man placing tiles

Installing new flooring can be a challenging task. It requires much effort and thought, especially if it involves new furniture items.

Kitchen renovation experts from Main Street Kitchen & Flooring suggest that homemakers study the current design trends as guidelines.

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

There are some areas that require extra care and consideration. One of these is the kitchen flooring. Kitchen floors must be slip-proof and easy to clean. Preferably, water should not soak through the floor. Spills and mishaps are common occurrences even when proper care is taken. One of the more popular types of flooring is wood-like porcelain tile. These look like long wooden planks but won’t stain or get damaged due to spills.
For the bathroom, tiles are also the norm. Water damage is the main concern when it comes to bathroom flooring, as well as other fixtures. Moisture-resistant slates are gaining popularity as well. These are dark floors in stark contrast with the traditional light-colored tiles.

New Flooring Styles

People are familiar with tiles that are of the same shape and laid along the wall or floor. With small tiles of different colors, an elaborate mosaic can be created. With larger tiles, geometric contrast can be set on the floor, creating checkered patterns. Nowadays, there are different types of tiles with more complex shapes, which are meant to cover a larger area. Wooden tiles could be created with patterns and inlaid with metal, creating intricate patterns, including long curves, leaves, and others.

Linoleum has also gotten an update. You can now find differently patterned linoleum made with other materials, including cocoa shells. These provide a different texture from the traditional smooth, plastic-like material. The resulting product has a rich granular texture that is resistant to looking shabby.

Flooring materials are being upgraded and repurposed continually. These result in new products with complex designs and a sophisticated look to meet the changing needs of people.