Visiting the Dentist in Richmond While Pregnant – What to Expect

Pregnant woman seeking dental treatment

Being pregnant can be a very exciting and stressful period of time for many women. And while there are many things to be done before the arrival of the baby, visiting the dentist should be a regular priority. Contrary to popular belief, dental work during pregnancy is not only safe but it is also recommended for improved oral health.

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes, most of which are related to hormones. Visiting a dentist in Richmond, such as those at Sheen Dental, will help pregnant women stay on top of their oral and overall health and avoid complications such as premature birth or very low birth weight.

Gum disease and pregnancy

While pregnant, most women are likely to experience a specific type of gum disease that can leave the gums tender with the possibility of bleeding after brushing. Due to the increase in blood in the female body and the hormonal changes occurring, this small amount of blood is not alarming. But, it is almost impossible to know if the bleeding is related to the pregnancy or a more serious dental problem such gm disease unless a dentist in Richmond is visited.

What about emergencies?

If there is a need for emergency dental care during a woman’s pregnancy, the dentist will inform the obstetrician in order to get clearance for any procedures that need to take place. With the use of numbing creams and local anesthetics, emergency care can be performed on the teeth even during pregnancy. It is really important though for the dentist to understand that a woman is pregnant in order to avoid unnecessary procedures. For instance, x-rays during pregnancy are not recommended but they can be taken if needed as long as the pregnant woman is sufficiently covered with a special blanket.

What to expect when expecting

The best preventive dental care during pregnancy starts at home with regular brushing and flossing.

Dental care during pregnancy and seeing a dentist while pregnant is not only normal, but important for the health of the mother and the baby.

Patients who are particularly concerned of their dental health during pregnancy, should visit the dentist as soon as possible.